DFD Start Guide

This start guide is designed to introduce you to DFD and give you some tips and pointers for organizing your own DFD event. If you have any questions please join and use the DFD mailing lists or contact us though our contact form. You can also chat with us via IRC on #dfd on Freenode if you want to bounce ideas around or get more advice. Also check our SocialNetworks page to start networking with the DFD community around the world.

Organizing a DFD event is a fun and effective community building experience for your area. Document Freedom Day is a ... /!\ FIXME

How can I celebrate Document Freedom Day?

There are three primary ways to celebrate HFD:

  1. Join an existing local DFD organization and help make their DFD event a success.
  2. Host your own DFD event!
  3. Encourage local organizations to make their own DFD events!

DFD will be most effective if we keep some target groups in mind:

Steps to organize your HFD event

  1. Read the CodeOfConduct page and see if you can agree!

  2. RSS feed the [[|DFD news]]. Event discussions happen on the DFD mailing lists which you are also encouraged to join.

  3. Join the mailing list to get feedback of your planning.

  4. Register your event so people can find your event from our website.
  5. Report on your event. We'll have an easy report webform for you to fill in after the event!

The average DFD event usually requires only a few organisers to share the workload and ensure the event is in hand. You can often recruit helpers from:

We have found that the event can /!\ FIXME /!\. Besides it can encourage other people to join current efforts and help grow the movement. The number of helpers required depends on the sort of activities you choose, but generally, the more the better. That way people have a good time and it also becomes a social event. If your volunteers enjoy themselves, they will pass on a good vibe and offer to volunteer next year too :-)

Remember, we are all volunteers so it is a matter of what we can, when we can. Always remember to thank your volunteers and make sure they have a good time.

What should we do?

Be creative! You can organise any kind of DFD event you want. You can find a location / time to have a few meetings to brainstorm / discuss about the DFD event:

But just to get you started, here are a few ideas some people have had:

You may also set a theme for your event / activity, we have a wiki page for event organizers to share your EventIdeas.

Promoting the event in advance

It is very important to communicate the event to your target audiences, there are a lot of ways just to name a few here:

Preparing for the day

Below is a basic checklist that should cover most events that you would plan on running:

On-site management

According to experiences, there are a few things you may want to pay attention during the events.

After the event

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